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Single Review: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – ‘Love is a Camera’

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From the Dance Party anthems of the early 2000’s, Sophie Ellis-Bextor moves in a different direction from previous exploits while giving a vintage touch to her new single Love is a Camera, the latest single to be pulled from new album Wanderlust. Teaming up with the popular singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt they explore an unknown side of her musical experiences and reveal a new sound unexpected to most fans.

Sophie Ellis Bextor Love Is A CameraLove is a Camera has a European feel to it combining elements of tango and waltz music. Ellis-Bextor is beautifully descriptive when she sings making vivid and clear imagery of the lyrics. She captures the elements of loneliness and mystery that goes hand in hand with the music.

With the ballad influences of the Harcourt arrangement it surprisingly is without emotion. It calls for a powerful vocal charge from Ellis-Bextor  as well as  a more moving arrangement from Harcourt. The chorus has little energy and the overall dynamic of the song lacks variety. It’s a song that needs the vocalist to bring the feeling out of an almost emotionless song which unfortunately she is unable to do.

It is a step in a new direction as opposed to the right one. Why steer away from the proven formula of success that saw her reach pop stardom? Her voice fits perfectly over well produced dance music, whereas Love is a Camera makes her sound very ordinary amongst the effort to be different.