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Single Review: Skrillex & Alvin Risk – ‘Try It Out’

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Wait – what’s that whirring? It would seem Skrillex, aficionado DJ of the moment, is back in the mix. The life of Skrillex – real name Sonny Moore – has changed beyond comprehension since the release of his 2010 EP Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, which included the enormous title track which tore up the blogosphere, as well as other songs that have become staples in a Skrillex set – Rock ‘N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain), Kill EVERYBODY, and then later Bangarang and Breakin’ A Sweat – a collaboration with The Doors, no less! After the Bangarang EP, Skrillex released the far more friendly Leaving EP back in January 2013, and has been suspiciously quiet as of late – until now.

Skrillex & Alvin Risk - Try It OutComing together to collaborate with his OWSLA (Skrillex’s label) cohort, Alvin Risk, the pair have unleashed the Try It Out EP, a collection of remixes of the dub-step track that is bound to explode in the forthcoming weeks. As of yet there are three known mixes of the Try It Out that have been unveiled; first, the seemingly original version of the song that is entitled ‘Neon Mix’, second the bass heavy, unruly ‘Try Harder Mix’, and third, the ‘Put ‘Em Up Mix’, which in turn incorporates elements of Risk’s own track Put ‘Em Up.

Controversial as it may be to many a music lover – or indeed, a complete racket to the casual listener – there is little in the quite stagnant pool of 2013 music that can create the same hubbub as a new Skillex release. There is nothing out there that sounds exactly like this; this is the 2013 version of progressive music, and the sign of someone who has hit their niche is when their music becomes immediately identifiable when you had no indication of who the artist is. With the Try It Out series, both Sonny Moore and Alvin Risk have again, upped the game in the electronic stakes with a fun track that will appeal to the niche market and chart obsessives, marking another rung of success to add to the DJ’s repertoire. Never has the phrase ‘go hard or go home’ been more applicable!