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Single Review: Sheppard – ‘Geronimo’

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Sheppard is an Australian indie pop band made up of siblings George, Amy and Emma Sheppard, along with friends Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and Dean Gordon. After discovering the hardships of trying to make it in the music industry and to get airplay by any of the major radio stations, Sheppard had their breakthrough in 2013 with the hit Let Me Down Easy. With an international fanbase gradually building and their EP reaching platinum status, this aussie band is back and looking to recreate their success with their new single, Geronimo.

Sheppard GeronimoThe song has a folksy upbeat feel, very similar to the sound of a Mumford and Sons track. Whilst Let Me Down Easy was catchy but relaxed and laid back, Geronimo has a driving bass line that distinguishes itself from this previous single. The track has the right balance of light and shade – the chorus of the song is climatic, but the rest of the song backs off just enough not to be overpowering and monotonous.  The vocals have a unique sound and a great range of instruments are used throughout the song, including a banjo at one point.

From the very first note, Geronimo will have you smiling at its infectiously happy vibe. This isn’t just the case for this single though; all of Sheppards work places a smile on the face of its listener. So whether you need a pick me up or are just in a great mood, Sheppard and Geronimo are for you!