Thu. May 30th, 2024

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Single Review: Satellite Stories – ‘Campfire’

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When I think of Finland, this is what comes to mind:  The Dudesons, cold temperatures and more metal bands than you could shake a crucifix at including HIM, Children of Bodom and Nightwish.

SatelliteStoriesCampfireBut now a new band might be rising out of the depths of the icy cold water of the Arctic Circle. Satellites Stories is an indie rock band that have been shaping up to take the title of the new kings of indie, just as Lorde has taken the throne as queen.

The song Campfire starts off with an almost magical intro that conjures up a deep Finland forest glowing in fireflies and shimmer from the moonlight. The fade “oooo oooo oooo” provides a fitting accompaniment to the soft acoustic guitar plucked by Esa Mankinen as she whispers “it’s seven am”; it’s quite an easy, welcoming intro. But then it builds, thanks to the kick drum getting more forte before a one beat rest to bring the whole band into the picture. The lead guitar bursts while the drum underlays a fast rock beat to pick up the tempo and make your head start bobbing in time. The verses are funky and cool thanks to a smooth bass line that flows with Mankinen’s voice. The chorus is very catchy and will definitely have every listener, fan or not, singing along.

This song is a step in the right direction for Satellite Stories and their claim to the title of next big indie hit will either be confirmed or stripped away with the release of their second album: Pine Trails in November. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest!