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Single Review: Sam Smith – ‘Like I Can’

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Sam Smith is fast becoming a household name, with his debut album In The Lonely Hour currently sitting pretty as the years highest selling releases. Few can say they haven’t found themselves singing along to Smith’s juggernaut Stay With Me, which was rereleased after storming the charts to feature Mary J. Blige. After his uniquely recognisable breakout performance on Disclosure’s Latch, it’s not surprising Smith is reaping the rewards of his hard work.

Sam Smith Like I CanHis incredibly recognisable sound is as evident as ever on his latest single, Like I Can. The uplifting, up tempo track providing a breath of fresh air among the more solemn and tender Lay Me Down or I’m Not The Only One. It’s a more commercial effort from Smith, who channels a Ne-Yo or Guy Sebastian in song structure while his content remains in theme with the album, of unrequited love and longing. It speaks of how sometimes we don’t see what’s right in front of us, and while we are always waiting for something better to come along, we might miss the person that truly loves us. Why are you looking down all the wrong roads / When mine is the heart and the salt of the soul /There may be lovers who hold out their hands but / He’ll never love you like I can, can, can.

The quality and tone in this mans voice is truly incredible. From soaring falsetto, to perfectly placed baritone Sam Smith never misses a beat. His melodic choices and melisma are fast becoming his trademark and not at all hidden by the tempo of the track. It’s not the first time Smith has hit us with something more upbeat. Money On My Mind is fast paced and incredibly different, leaving me feeling slightly cold about Like I Can. I’ve become used to Sam Smith standing out from the crowd and delivering something new time and time again. Like I Can is sweet and simple, but nothing ground breaking. While it will be a fun addition to a Sam Smith live set, it doesn’t rock my world as a stand alone single. Not from someone as impressive as this man, who has firmly become one of the most exciting and talented artists to watch.