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Single Review: Röyksopp – ‘Never Ever’ (feat. Susanne Sundfør)

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Back in 2014, Röyksopp claimed they were done with the traditional release format for music; they weren’t retiring from the industry, but they were very clear that The Inevitable End will be their last proper album, opting to favour exploring different styles in small doses. They seem to be holding true to that claim today, and Never Ever is the first solo single after promotions for The Inevitable End was released, meaning the free-for-all experimentation has begun.

Royksopp Susanne Sundfor Never EverNever Ever adopts a heavy 80s sound, with a competitive mix of sparkling and abrasive synths creating a relentless wall of sound that only just dips enough to hear the infectious bassline hidden beneath them. They claim disco was a heavy influence for the track, and while it’s not exactly committing to the genre, it’s easy to see where they’re coming from. Recent collaborator Susanne Sundfør, who appeared on The Inevitable End track Running to the Sea, makes a solid match for the instrumental, not exactly overpowering it with her gentler voice, but melding perfectly with the instrumental. Following its rather quick build-up in the introduction, it’s a three minute onslaught of sound that’s tailor made to get you off your feet.

Röyksopp have been rather adamant about not wanting to create twelve songs in the vein of Never Ever, but the single itself almost makes you wish there was an album on the way. It’s full of energy and life that makes for a thrilling follow-up to their 2014 album, and one that could be the basis of a solid collection of tracks. Even as a solo piece, though, Never Ever is another brilliant production from Röyksopp.