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Single Review: Rita Ora – ‘Your Song’

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Photo: Phil Poynter

Most people would consider five years a long time but in the world of popular culture and pop music, it is positively an eternity. Yet, that is how long it has been since Britain’s Rita Ora released her début record, Ora. While she hasn’t exactly been out of the spotlight since then, Ora has recognised the fact that she needed to go big with her comeback single, Your Song.

Instead of taking the loud and raucous approach to going big, Ora enlisted the talents of songwriting heavyweights Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac – with Mac pulling double duty as the song’s producer – to craft for her a light and spacious track to showcase her lightly smoked, soulful vocals.

Your Song is a relentless 3 minutes that never overwhelms the listener with unnecessary musical adornment, balancing pop’s penchant for repetition with lyrical and compositional progress. A motif of bubbling synth tones underpins Your Song throughout, providing the ideal backdrop against which to juxtapose Ora’s earthy voice.

Ora’s sophomore album is set to be released towards the end of the year, and Your Song will ensure that the album is meet with high expectations.