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Single Review: Rhodes – ‘Close Your Eyes’

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Rhodes is one of those musicians who, despite being afraid of singing for many years, is now perhaps most commonly praised for the power and quality of his voice. With his diverse path of musical influences, starting on guitar, then piano, then joining a band as a bassist and beginning to write songs, it seems like singing was the final piece of the puzzle.

RhodesCloseYourEyesClose Your Eyes is a track that demonstrates just how formidable Rhodes is in terms of his ability to write captivating and emotive tracks and deliver them to his listener in a way that is both powerful and delicate at the same time. The vocals are matched with equally subdued piano in the verses, and the choruses absolutely soar in juxtaposition. The elements of production are basic, including piano, guitar and drums for support, but that’s all Rhodes needs to deliver an awe inspiring listening experience.

This is the new single from his upcoming album Wishes to be released later in the year which he is solely responsible for writing, and largely responsible for producing. Rhodes has said this song is about his fear of performing, but it just seems so much more than that. Whether it’s the vocal delivery or the uplifting lyrics “I’ll never let you go, you’re all that I need/So just close your eyes” there’s something about this song that bypasses the ears and goes straight to the heart.