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Single Review: P!nk- ‘Today’s The Day’

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Platinum-selling artist P!nk has returned with a new single titled Today’s The Day, and yes it’s definitely radio-friendly and motivational.

‘I’ve spent enough time alone, up in my bedroom at home’ she sings on the 1st verse, ‘Been kinda bored lately/I’ve been hating everything I see’ before roaring into the chorus ‘Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for, Tomorrow won’t come after all/ And today is the only day’ and we are all meant to feel uplifted and motivated again.

p!nksingleP!nk is an artist who prides herself on being edgy, fun and unapologetic, I just wish the music she releases would reflect this. We know she can deliver a motivational and epic single and dangle from trapeze’s high above arena stages, but I am craving something more from her now. She’s a singer that has the ability to blow all the other pop artists out of the water; she just needs to stop playing the motivational speaker role and deliver another banger like U + Ur Hand.

This however, is the kind of song that sounds like it was written to be background music for inspirational stories on the nightly news and it’s so uplifting that the Queen of inspiration Ellen made it the theme song for her 13th season of The Ellen DeGeneres show. Ultimately though, this song isn’t going to break any records but knowing her loyal fan base it will probably be another hit. In short: it’s inoffensive stuff from an artist who has done better in the past.