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Single Review: Pitbull – ‘Wild Wild Love’ (Feat. G.R.L)

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Mr worldwide, mr three oh five is back with his latest single. Rapper Pitbull has gained global success in recent years for his catchy dance floor tunes, which often seem to be collaborations. Not surprisingly then, he decides to collaborate with american girl group G.R.L for this latest track. The release of Wild Wild Love comes not long after his smash hit Timber with pop sensation Ke$ha, which raced up charts around the world. Will this latest single reach the same success?

Pitbull-WildWildLoveWild Wild Love starts off with a  stripped back and folk-tinged version of the chorus. Could Pitbull perhaps be going in a new direction? Unfortunately, no. Synth beats soon come rushing in, with an electronic dance vibe throughout as the bass pounds. Essentially, Wild Wild Love is two completely different songs. The addition of G.R.L could have been a chance to add some variety and to experiment with a different sound for Pitbull, but old habits die hard. Pitbull’s lyrics give fans the same old same old (women, sex etc) and don’t really seem to mesh with the admittedly hypnotic synth beat.

Pitbull’s latest single is likely to be a huge success once again, as it follows his winning collaboration formula. Yet at the end of the day, this is nothing new from Pitbull or any different than what we’ve heard before. It’s only saving grace is the sweet chorus sung by the wonderful G.R.L.