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Single Review: Pitbull – ‘Celebrate’

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Pitbull’s seemingly never-ending stream of single releases of late continues with Celebrate, the third single off his upcoming Globalisation album.

pitbull-celebrate-coverAs it is also features on the soundtrack to ‘Penguins of Madagascar’, its music video has the rapper ditching the big boats, sunny Miami weather and bikini-clad chicks for penguins from the North Pole. Despite this, the song’s subject-matter of girls and partying is still there and is seriously getting very old. Yes, the rapper who likes to call himself ‘Mr Worldwide’ does shout out to the continents with his usual swag and rapid-fire delivery. However, ‘you can see me 3-D overseas’ is such a cringeworthy line that listeners wouldn’t want Pitbull to rap about anything else ever again. Rhyming ‘world’ with ‘girl’ isn’t very inventive either.

Celebrate features a soul-less drum machine on autopilot and insipid brass riff hacking the life and grit out of the track it samples, the 1971 track I Just Want to Celebrate by funk-rock band Rare Earth. It tries to give listeners ‘happy feet’ but instead is as annoying as a bunch of vuvuzelas. It is also somehow even more generic than earlier Pitbull singles.

It isn’t exactly clear what Pitbull is celebrating on Celebrate, but it surely isn’t how memorable this track is. At least Don’t Stop the Party was fun. At least Rain Over Me was euphoric. Pitbull will be history if he doesn’t lift his game.