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Single Review: Pink Floyd – ‘Louder Than Words’

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British veteran prog-rockers Pink Floyd are gearing up for the release of their fifteenth, and reportedly last, instrumental/ambient studio album this November called The Endless River; it’s been a long time coming as it’s been 20 years since they’ve released an album. The new album is primarily based on left over material from the recording sessions of 1994’s The Division Bell, and it also credits the band’s late co-founder Richard Wright as a contributor; the song Louder Than Words has been released as the first single from The Endless River, we get to have a look at it.

Pink Floyd-Louder Than WordsLouder Than Words is the only song to have been written for the album that’s not a pure instrumental, it was composed by David Gilmour and penned byhis wife Polly Samson; the track eases itself into existence, when it gets going its this soundscape of grace that captivates you. The overall sound of the hook isn’t sung nor expressed at the scale of the verse, which adds an intriguing dynamic to the track; lyrically the track is a tribute to Richard Wright, touching on the feelings felt through the band’s progress over the years spent making music together. Though the track isn’t so uptempo, it’s still enticing enough to go along for the ride; it also features a post-humous appearance from keyboardist Richard Wright, and electronic string quartet Escala also contribute to the track.

Louder Than Words shows us that Pink Floyd still have it, it also sparks up some more excitement about their upcoming album release of The Endless River. Though it’s not the world’s most exciting track ever, nor is it the band at their absolute best, it’s great to hear Pink Floyd go out in style; the overall sound of the track has an ambient warmth to it, it’s captivating enough to want to listen and experience it from beginning to end all over again. Not a badd effort from Pink Floyd at all.