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Single Review: One Direction – ‘Steal My Girl’

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What can be said of One Direction that hasn’t already been said? They are officially the world’s biggest boyband and icons to hundreds of thousands of teenage girls around the world. Their debut album was the biggest-selling album worldwide in 2013 and they have won four Brit Awards, four MTV Music Video Awards among many, many others. Their success can be comparable to that of The Beatles in their heyday with albums being released annually and their pop music being as catchy and powerful as anything put out by the Fab Four. Their latest single, Steal My Girl is no exception and gives us a pleasing glimpse into what their forthcoming album, Four, will offer their adoring fans.

OneDirectionStealMyGirlThe single opens with some very impressive 80’s-style piano chords echoing powerfully  before being joined by the clapping drumbeats. It isn’t long then before the boys launch into song with “She’s been my queen /Since we were sixteen/We want the same things,/We dream the same dreams,/Alright (alright)”. As is evident, the song utilises  a simple rhyming structure in its verses and it is in this simplicity that the music truly shines. Criticism can be given to the simplicity and blandness of the song lyrics, sure, but it isn’t trying to be anything artsy or complex – it’s trying to be a classic pop-rock belter and that’s what it ultimately achieves. This is taken to extremes when the boys launch into the song’s oh-so catchy chorus as they sing, “Everybody wanna steal my girl/Everybody wanna take her heart away/Couple billion in the whole wide world/Find another one ’cause she belongs to me”. This, followed by a series of ‘na, na, na, na, na, na’s ensures that the song is as radio-friendly as the rest of the band’s catalogue, the song’s big ‘sing-a-long’ point.


If this is a taste of what One Direction’s forthcoming LP is going to be, then there is a definitely a reason to be excited. Armed with the band’s flair for strong hooks and great vocals, Steal My Girl has all the great elements of pop in one song. This is one you’re going to be singing along to in stadiums.