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Single Review: Olly Murs – ‘Seasons’

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When I heard Ryan Tedder was the co-writer for Olly Murs’ latest single, I was beyond excited. Everything that man touches turns to gold in my opinion, and paired with the run of hits Murs has experienced lately it was bound to be a match made in heaven.

Olly Murs SeasonsMurs’ first single of his latest EP, Wrapped Up, burst onto the scene in spectacular fashion and is one of my favourites over the last six months. Up followed suit, providing a heartwarming, raw song featuring the gorgeous vocals of Demi Lovato.

Seasons is the third single and while it’s a nice addition to his overall catalogue, it’s not my favourite. It’s a slightly darker, more mature piece, and while it still works for Olly, it’s missing the heart of some of his other tracks. The vibe is definitely cool, and the almost Rastafarian quality to Murs’ vocal efforts is interesting but it’s missing the deeper connection I’ve come to love. The funky acoustic piece opens abruptly, so much so I thought my recording had skipped. But the scratchy acoustic guitar brings the song together, and the lyrics of trying to win back a lost love will undoubtedly speak to Olly’s fan base.

My biggest issue here is not the song itself, but that it seems to be a confusing choice for Murs. Wrapped Up sounded like a funky motown track, drenched in boy band pop. Up showed a softer, singer songwriter side that would hold it’s own against Avicii or Ed Sheeran. Other than someone obviously capable of churning out a high charting hit, I’m still not sure who he really is as an artist. Seasons is another different sound and while it’s not my personal favourite, it’s cool and has absolutely nothing wrong with it.