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Single Review: Olly Murs – ‘Kiss Me’

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In order to focus on his new gig hosting X Factor UK, Olly Murs is re releasing his 2014 album Never Been Better with a total of 7 brand new songs. One of the songs to be featured on the album is Olly’s new single Kiss Me. Released October 9th, Kiss Me seems to sit somewhere on the scale between his fast moving, uplifting hits like Troublemaker and Up and his emotionally powered ballads like Dear Darlin’. Its mid tempo beat won’t quite get you dancing but won’t make you want to serenade your crush next door either. However its retro sounds and enticingly catchy lyrics are enough to keep your enjoyment levels high.

Olly Murs - Kiss Me

The song manages to keep an authentic Olly Murs sound about it while also finding new ground. By doing so, it leaves us with the hope that the rest of Olly’s new additions to Never Been Better will be something fresh, rather than just the shelved songs from the album’s first release.

The characteristics of the single makes it a worthy candidate to become a radio hit, making it an excellent choice of first single from the re-issue. While Murs says his next new album won’t drop until sometime in 2016, fans can only hope that the rest of the reissues new tracks will be enough to keep them happy until then.