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Single Review: Olly Murs – ‘Grow Up’

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The Essex-born burgeoning singer Oliver Stanley, perhaps better known to his fans as Olly Murs or as that X-Factor runner-up who has been tossed into the centre of the stage, makes a return in 2016 by releasing another distressing pop music letdown. Grow Up is the name of the single taken from upcoming album 24 HRS, combining scraps of boring guitar riffs, inane verses and an overall taste of discontentment.

Olly Murs - Grow UpIt must be a natural sequence for those who belong to the X-Factor alumni to follow an inevitable path that leads to the formulation of predictable radio fillers with themes about break-up or heartbreak. Even if the song was good (it’s not), there is little to no effort in a sliver of innovation or unique signature that Murs so painfully reinforces. From early moments in the track, the direction is completely derailed with what can only be best described as a tasteless, insecure Jason Mraz impersonation only worsened by the mundane and bruised riff struggles. After wading through the first verse, the frustration intensifies in the chorus, escalating with further recoil as he groans through motives about growing up, being immature and idling vanity.

The track lasts three minutes and forty-five seconds which is really too long for such a shambles of a single. Ordinarily, it mishandles with a lacklustre effort, most associated with the irksome and plainspoken deliveries that associate with most of the crowd-pleasing pop attempts that reflect much of the X-Factor formula. Like the show, it doesn’t deserve any viewing, instead, it boasts a colourless memory of planetary proportions and volumes of bland meaninglessness.