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Single Review: Nicky Romero VS. Krewella – ‘Legacy’

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October has been an undeniably big month for new music in almost every genre imaginable. Not to be outshone by their contemporaries, EDM now has its certified hit of the month from Krewella and Nicky Romero.

LegacyThese two artists have built a large fanbase and acclaim all on their own, it was inevitable that pairing the two acts together would result in something momentous. Although the track isn’t exactly revolutionary, it’s definitely fun.

The song starts off on a rather serious note with nothing more than an emotive piano riff. Throw in a few handclaps though, with the fast-paced chirps of a synthesizer against the underlying drone of a bass line make and you’ve got a fantastic mix. Adding Krewella’s dynamic and sultry voice on top of that results in something emotional and diverse.

Legacy is definitely a song that fits in with the EDM masses, but that’s okay. It does what it sets out to do, and it does it surprisingly well.  Just don’t listen to this song when trying to fall asleep. Unless, of course, you want to fist pump through your dreams. Legacy is filled to the brim with energy, and just when it’s about to implode, the song ends. Surely, this is a track that will fit in expertly in the most advanced of DJ sets and in nightclubs around the world.

This song is going to appeal to a large group of people, and there’s a reason for that. It’s anthemic, it’s energetic, and it embodies all that electronic dance music should without overstaying its welcome. There’s a lot to like about this song and for that reason alone, it gets the Renowned for Sound approval.

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