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Single Review: Nick Jonas – ‘Jealous’

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Nick Jonas is a serious solo artist these days. Looking like Marky Mark in a Calvin Klein advertisement is sure to help, maybe not in being taken seriously, but certainly in record sales. While I won’t be rushing to the record store with the masses of screaming teenage girls, surprisingly I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it.

Nick Jonas JealousJealous is the second single of Jonas’ up and coming album aptly titled I’m A Big Boy Now, no wait, scratch that, titled Nick Jonas, and while I was expecting an all out ear bashing, I was pleasantly surprised by the light, driving synth beat and Nick’s impressive falsetto. There’s a 70’s disco feel to this dance track that is understated and catchy and I’m sure will have a nice comfortable spot on the airwaves over the next couple of months. Also, call me crazy, but does anyone else hear a Sexual Healing type vibe?

The lyrics are equally annoying and sweet, which again surprised me, speaking of how he still gets jealous of his girl. Really Nick? You’re dating a former Miss USA. It must be tough but you pick your battles. This song fits nicely in the Chris Brown realm of R’n’B-Dance-Pop, and with my personal aversion to men that (allegedly?) beat up their women I am more than happy for Nick to step up.