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Single Review: Nero – ‘The Thrill’

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British electronic outfit Nero are best known for their 2011 breakout hit Promises, whose collaborative remix with reigning dubstep luminary Skrillex earned them a Grammy in 2013. But the trio have worked alongside a broad range of artists including Muse and more recently with Baz Luhrmann on the striking Great Gatsby soundtrack, as well as performing a ‘Dubstep Symphony’ with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. These far reaching influences have made a mark on Nero’s musical evolution as they return to airwaves with their latest track The Thrill, premiered on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s hottest record in the world.

Nero The ThrillThe notoriously secretive Nero is well-known for slowly teasing their patient fan base, rarely releasing new music since their debut album Welcome Reality in 2011, a marketing strategy that is reflected in their suspense-building tracks. In contrast to the darker Satisfy, new release The Thrill sheds the many of the band’s dubstep conventions, instead combining elements of pop and rock with electronic production techniques to create a hefty, mid-tempo power-ballad.

Vocalist Alana Watson is buoyed by the impressive production work from Daniel Stephens and Joseph Ray as the track wavers between hammering rock-influenced synth motifs, distorted bass and thunderous percussion, and a more ethereal soundscape in the gentler verses. This state of musical flux creates a thrilling (pun intended) atmosphere that is satisfyingly more uplifting than previous Nero releases, but maintains that level of intensity the trio is known for.

Due to join the festival circuit this summer, headlining the Outdoor Theatre at Coachella next month, The Thrill marks an exciting new chapter for the band. For their diehard fans, this musical development will hopefully reveal a brand new album waiting patiently on the horizon.