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Single Review: Neon Jungle – ‘Louder’

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Since their formation in early 2013, British girl group Neon Jungle have had a no holds barred approach to their music making and marketing, and don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. This high-octane level of professional dedication similarly comes across in the three energetic and infectious singles already released from their upcoming debut album Welcome to the Jungle.

Neon Jungle - LouderThe girls have taken a different approach, however, in the release of slower ballad-like Louder as their fourth single. The newest release certainly distinguishes itself from the dance- and beat-heavy Trouble, Welcome to the Jungle, and Braveheart. The production of Louder is centred on more organic percussion and strings in order that the girls’ vocals remain the focus of the track. Immediately, we can better hear the unique qualities of their vocals, as well as a vulnerability missing in their previous efforts. This less processed release enables us to recognise the talent behind such young voices, and appreciate why their individual tones work so well together.

Louder nevertheless retains the edginess and energy we’ve come to expect from the four-piece pop mega-outfit. This contemporary pop ballad successfully balances on the edge of power and fragility, delivering something welcomed by Neon Jungle’s existing audience whilst expanding their range to captivate additional devotees.