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Single Review: Ne-Yo – ‘Coming With You’

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Pop superstar Ne-Yo has been pumping radio’s airwaves with his hits for nearly a decade, album after album and collaboration after collaboration, it seems he’s here in the mainstream for good. The singer/songwriter is set to release his sixth studio album Non-Fiction in late January 2015, which is exciting for fans alike, his latest single offering from the album is Coming With You.

Ne-Yo - Coming With YouCompared to the new album’s lead single She Knows, the thumping and catchy hit expected from the first release, Coming With You is a lot more light-hearted. It’s still the kind of pop sound we come to expect from Ne-Yo, the synths provide just a tad of funk to the arrangement, the melody is as catchy as it should be. For some reason when listening to this song his previous hit Let Me Love You Springs to mind, they don’t sound entirely the same, but it’s a very similar vibe. The brass part after the chorus is a good touch.

Fans will drool over Coming With You, it has ‘Ne-Yo hit’ written all over it and mainstream radio will eat it up. Ne-Yo found his songwriting niche in pop a while ago now, it makes sense for him to carry on releasing the tracks he does, but perhaps something a little more different from the singer needs to head our way; but in the end, it’s Ne-Yo who knows what sells, and this song and his album are bound to do very well.