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Single Review: Nathan Sykes – ‘Give It Up’ (Feat. G-Eazy)

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With his debut album coming closer every day, Nathan Sykes seeks to fill in the gaps with his latest single, Give It Up. Following on from the big band sound of Kiss Me Quick and the simple yet emotional balladry on Over and Over Again, he aims for something a little more accessible on his third solo outing since The Wanted’s hiatus. Despite the increased accessibility, however, the quality manages to hold steady.

Nathan Sykes Give It UpGive It Up sticks to a familiar, sultry R&B style, with prominent guitar and bass lines and a sleek production style that’s as flirty as it is catchy. Sykes’ vocals mesh perfectly with the arrangement, from his repeated cooing in the choruses to the extended notes he hits throughout the track. It keeps up the suave image Sykes takes so well to, and mostly shines bright.

The only real hitch comes with G-Eazy’s featured rap verse; while the production drops lower to try and accompany the disjointed quick rapping, it feels very much at odds with the slow, sensual that covers the track, and breaks the flow pretty severely. It quickly regains its footing as it leads into the outro, once again headed by Sykes, but remains a glitch in the track anyway.

Regardless, it’s still a solid track for Sykes, largely on par with the remainder of his solo material and another good sign for the state of his eventual solo album, Unfinished Business. It may not be the greatest single he’s released, but it easily holds up keeps our hopes high for the full product later on in the year.