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Single Review: Mika – ‘Talk About You’

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Mika, the Lebanese-British power pop mastermind behind the infectious hits Grace Kelly and Love Today, has returned to the airwaves with brand new single Talk About You, a tantalising preview of what to expect from his forthcoming fourth full-length album. The as yet untitled LP has been highly anticipated from pop fans around the world since his last studio album The Origin Of Love was released in 2012. That’s not to say the multifaceted creative hasn’t lent his talents to other artistic ventures over the past three years, judging vocal talent television programs across Europe, as well as collaborating with Italian fashion house Valentino, and with watch innovator Swatch as a creative ambassador.

Mika Talk-About-You-SingleWith Talk About You Mika has channelled his endless creative energy into an instantly likeable track with infinite panache. The singer-songwriter shines most brightly when he immerses himself in classic power-pop music making. Talk About You focuses on infectious melodies, with a particularly memorable chorus, crisply layered vocal harmonies and guitar-driven instrumentation buoyed by marching keys and a steady beat. The track, while acknowledging the timeless elements of traditional pop, is lively, fresh and forward-thinking enough that it stands out from the more RnB-inspired pop music on the radio today.

Regardless of whether Mika is quite on the same level as British rock/pop-rock legend Freddie Mercury, you can definitely see why the artist draws comparisons to the icon, an appraisal which the former regards as an enormous compliment. And judging by the global appeal of this Talk About You, we may very well see Mika recall the success of his 2007 breakthrough Grace Kelly, both in the UK, stateside and abroad.