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Single Review: Metallica – ‘Moth Into Flame’

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As if there is any need to justify new material from Metallica. The band have solidified themselves as metal icons for the better part of 30 years, with their tracks planting among the most anthemic music contributions of all time. Their newest single off their upcoming album Hardwired…to Self-Destruct is no different, going back to the band’s earlier roots and harder motivations, Moth Into Flame carries with it the surging power and monstrous in your face speciality most affiliated with the metal giants.

Metallica - Moth Into FlameThe track could have easily appeared on the band’s 1983 record Kill ‘Em All, which is an interesting yet glorious nod to the band’s changing sound. From the very first seconds, crashing cymbals and bass pedal stomps transpire into an introduction well received by the meaty guitar strains, lightning fast transitions and wild turns. Lars’ drumming is still incredibly mechanical while Hetfield’s vocals have aged like a delicate whisky – sounding a lot more forcible, and a whole lot more metal. The hooks and chorus moments display the vintage and refined capabilities by all band members. Rob Trujillo’s enormous bass playing showcases proudly underneath the howling lead guitar grand moments including a meaty mid track solo by Kirk Hammett. Well-mastered precision completes the experience, shining a light to the little tweaks and switches in Metallica’s collective playing style. They are, after all, masters of this sound which they so boldly grip, reinterpret and present to their gigantic fan base. All thing’s considered, if Moth Into Flame is any indication of the full scope of the new record, the fan base is sure to increase to the thanks of Metallica’s reenvisioned decision to take their sound back to the metal basics.