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Single Review: Marilyn Manson – ‘Deep Six’

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Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has just released Deep Six, the second single off his upcoming ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor – due for release early next year. The single’s accompanying video instantly caused a stir with, its disturbing imagery and received mixed reactions from the 600,000 people who viewed the film clip in its first few days of release. However, while the frankly phallic video may be difficult for the masses to digest, the single itself is an easy listen.

Marilyn Manson Deep Six

The track is opened by a seductive riff, which, when combined with an up-tempo driving beat, forms an immensely catchy hook. In fact, the song is almost danceable, suggesting the controversial musician has chosen a more commercial path for this new album. However, this track still has heavy industrial rock elements, which provide it with a distinctive sound that may not be to everyone’s tastes, but has been well received by his fans.

With only a flash of an intro, Manson’s vocals quickly appear and demonstrate that the frontman is still on fine form. Throughout the verses his voice drips with attitude, growling out the lyrics with a self-confident assertiveness. This gutsy attitude only further demonstrated by his impressively screeched chorus that insists Manson’s age has had little impact on his vocal ability.

The only time in which the song falls flat is in the final ten seconds, where the instrumentals fall away, leaving only Manson’s voice to deliver a slightly awkward conclusion. However, after what is an upbeat and enjoyable track, all in all, this makes little impact.

If Deep Six accurately previews the album to come, Manson may experience a repeat of the acclaim his previous release Born Villain received in 2012.