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Single Review: Madeon – ‘You’re On’ (Feat. Kyan)

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After four years of releasing his own intermittent singles alongside producing for the likes of Ellie Goulding and Lady Gaga, Madeon’s finally gearing up to release his own full-length album Adventure in March. You’re On acts as the second single from the album following Imperium.

Madeon You're OnWhile Madeon has been known for producing his own style of upbeat pop influenced house music in the past, You’re On shifts genres into something that leans closer to straight pop than his previous singles. The signature Madeon sound is still there, with the various beeping background effects and verse melodies giving a video game vibe to the song. There’s a slight funk influence in the production as well, with Kyan’s smooth vocals tying it all together. While it does stand out from previous songs with its different style, it’s still easily recognisable as coming from Madeon and manages to fit perfectly into his discography, which is a real testament to his skill as a young producer.

As one of the main examples of what we can expect from Adventure, You’re On is a very good sign. It shows an evolution in his sound, regardless of how small it may be, that will keep him from falling into the habit of constantly recreating his successful singles as other electronic artists tend to do. Even as one of the earliest electronic albums of the year, Adventure is looking like it could be one of the highlights as well.