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Single Review: Little Sea – ‘Change for Love’

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Little Sea are a fairly new group, having existed since 2013 but only releasing their first EP at the end of last year, which debuted at #1 on the Australian iTunes charts. But with a national tour under their belt this year, another coming in July and an EP coming in June, they’re hard at work creating follow-up material to keep the momentum going strong. While their first EP was mostly full of upbeat pop rock songs, this time things are a little different.

Little Sea Change for LoveChange for Love presents itself in a much more alternative matter, opening with piano, vocals and light sound effects before the rest of the band comes in for the chorus. It’s considerably less upbeat, with Andy Butler’s setting the theme of the song as he belts the main refrain—You don’t have to change for love—during the chorus. Musically it’s a familiar mid-tempo rock song with lyrics to match, but to its credit Butler’s vocals fit the song amazingly well which makes it a pleasant listen. It’s also a huge improvement over the music on Wake the Sun, which is a good sign for their upcoming EP.

It’s hard to deny that they’ve grown considerably in the half year since their debut. Despite still sounding pretty standard, the leap in quality and the change in style is definitely a good sign. Between Change for Love and the With You, Without You EP on the horizon, things are looking promising for Little Sea.