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Single Review: Little Bombs – ‘My Oxygen/Strange’

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NYC outfit Little Bombs may have hit the ball a little too late. The three piece band have already put out their self titled debut album and another EP entitled Subway Rat Bite showing that they’re not new to the game. Their new double single, set to be released on October 22, proves to be a bit of hit and miss.

Both songs are heavily influenced by 90’s rock like The Smashing Pumpkins, The Replacements and Nirvana but neither lives up to the greatness of 90’s rock. My Oxygen starts off with an almost sludge metal sound.  The sad lyrics over a solid drum pattern are nearly overshadowed by the bass. The chorus does have nice harmonies from the backing vocalist which makes the chorus a little catchier but throughout the song I was hoping the lead vocalist would push himself a little higher. My Oxygen displays little change except for the guitar which doesn’t really fit with the song as it is clearly trying to do too much within the track.

Strange begins with a much more pop/punk feel to it, like something you would find in New Found Glory or Yellowcard but that falls away when the verse becomes more stripped back with vocals, drums, bass and the occasional light notes being played on the guitar. There is a moment at the start where Smith (vocals) says “fuck it” and this could have been a memorable moment but just ends up sounding forced. The drumming is probably the highlight of this track as Henry Colle shows off his diversity and versatility behind his instrument.

While My Oxygen and Strange are not terrible tracks for Little Bombs, they do leave a lot to be desired and we hope that their next effort delivers something a little more substantial.