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Single Review: Lea Michele – ‘Cannonball’

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Everyone’s favourite Glee star Lea Michele dips her first toe in the water of mainstream pop with her debut single Cannonball.

Lea Michele CannonballIt’s a bit risky using a title with the word “ball” in it – just because we’ve had Wrecking Ball this year, which was such a blast but contrary to Cyrus’s ball themed song, Michele’s debut track is not a sorrowful ballad, although it could have been with the year she’s had. Instead, it’s an uplifting and motivational Katy Perry–esque track about getting up being strong. The lyrics refer to finding strength and moving on from pain.  It starts with a single word, “breakdown”, and then the verse, “I was scared to death, I was losing my mind,” – a personal glimpse into Michele’s pain, something her fans will be humble to share with her.

The song itself is a slower-paced pop song with some intermittent drum beats – which makes it strong and emotive. Michele’s voice, groomed for Glee-style Broadway numbers, is obviously amazing, although the well-spoken sort of non-regional diction and full vocals that do her so well on her famous show, sound slightly off kilter in the pop world.

The track is a strong and positive start to Michele’s career in pop, but it’s not overly catchy, which I’d suggest another song in the same vein – Roar, did much better earlier this year.

Cannonball is the first single from Michele’s debut album, Louder, which is out next year.