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Single Review: Lana Del Rey – ‘High By The Beach’

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It’s undoubtable that Lana Del Rey has one of the most anticipated upcoming releases of 2015. With so much buzz surrounding her third album Honeymoon, its no wonder Ms Del Rey got High By The Beach this week. The second single emerged over the weekend, a little earlier than planned and it’s had the Internet going crazy but it’s clear to see why.

Lana Del Rey - High By The BeachHigh By The Beach is a stark contrast to her latest works; it’s almost reminiscent of the music on her sophomore album Born To Die. It’s unmistakably Lana; the chorus is a lyrically repetitive masterpiece that instantly sticks in your head while the beat will leave you swaying.  The track is almost ethereal, with quirky electro synth, smooth keys and a pulsing beat combined with Lana’s signature husky voice.

True to Lana’s previous work this single features utterly sass filled lyrics like  “the truth is I never bought into your bullsh*t”/ “you can be a bad motherf*cker, but that don’t make you a man” which makes this song so unique to her stellar music career, she’s never one to shy away from being real.

There’s really nothing bad you can say about High By The Beach it’s an airy, upbeat 4-minute song complete with cool rhythms and an electro tempo. Unlike some of her others that are a bit slower and more serious this one’s a fun track and it’s going to leave you humming for days. If this is the type of track we can expect from her next album Honeymoon (dropping sometime in September) there’s going to be plenty more radio/video play in her future.