Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

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Single Review: Kymie – ‘Wrapped Around’

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Kymie is someone who doesn’t mind putting in the hard graft to get to where she wants. But building a strong fan base and working your way though the many trials and tribulations of being in the music industry is hard; one slip up these days and you’ll be forgotten quicker than a runner up on a talent show contest. New single Wrapped Around tries to forget all the pressures put on her, focusing on pure pop, and see’s the singer in fine form.

Kymie Wrapped AroundThe track leads you in gently, and before long you’ll be sucked in by its smooth and sultry vibe, sitting well over electro pop sounds of flare and vibrancy. It is a little unfortunate that middle of the road pop lyrics are spread over the top of this, but addictive beats and melody help cover up for the lack of lyrical substance.

Kymie’s vocals are on fine form, being both soulful and smooth at the right time and in the right place, and manage to create the perfect blend of sweet and seductive. What’s good about the track is it doesn’t force anything; it’s happy to meander and still draw you in. It doesn’t need to throw everything and the kitchen sink at you, and that is a rare thing in pop these days.

Wrapped Around is heading in the right direction and has enough energy to flow well against other music in the genre. If Kimie keeps this up, and adds a bit more substance to the lyrical side of things, she’ll be unstoppable.