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Single Review: Kelly Clarkson – ‘Invincible’

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It is great to see Kelly Clarkson back in the mainstream music industry. While she’s traded the pop rock style for a more tinkling electro-synth pop sound, Invincible is definitely the best released single of her new album Piece By Piece thus far. With the lyrical prowess of Sia this song is simplistic in form, but extremely powerful.

Kelly Clarkson Piece By PieceThe song is an explosion of sound as it tackles a synth-pop genre that is reminiscent of the Mylo Xyloto Coldplay era. With a full sound catered by reverberated chamber vocals, the song shimmers with a twinkling accompaniment that changes from synth strings to a more electro sound. This style is accentuated by the heavy drum beat.

Clarkson demonstrates her great vocal ability with elongated leaps and pitch-perfect melodies. Sia’s style of melodic representation with her staple use of vocal backups really accentuates Clarkson’s epic pipes. In the chorus break Clarkson is stripped back to raw vocals which is then contrasted by her sudden belt and high Mariah Carey like runs. By the end of the song Clarkson’s vocals, the chamber back up and synth sounds mash in a real celebration of power.

In Invincible Clarkson emulates a contemporary sound that will no doubt get some well-needed airplay. Time and time again, Clarkson adapts to the musical environment and demonstrates her versatility in genre – even currently working on a country album. This song is a powerful anthem that is perfect for the current styles that are reigning supreme in the mainstream music industry.