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Single Review: Keith Richards – ‘Trouble’

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Taking into account the Rolling Stones’ relentless touring over the decades, it’s not surprising that we haven’t heard solo material from Keith Richards in over twenty years. Crosseyed Heart is the seasoned rocker’s upcoming solo album and Trouble is the first single to be released from it.

KeithRichardsCrosseyedHeartYou can get to know someone a great deal better when you communicate with them one on one, rather than in a group, and Richards seems totally comfortable to entertain you just by himself here. He does the basics right and pens simple lyrics rather than getting bogged down with anything pretentious: “Just because I can’t see you anymore/That’s because Honey you’re doing 2 to 4.”

It’s a classic sounding, laid back rock song with less attitude than his work with the Stones, and a much more comfortable feel. That being said, his guitar riffing is immediately identifiable and there’s an effortless solo thrown in too, featuring signature licks and his recognisable guitar tone.

Trouble is a very safe tune. It’s not pushing boundaries and it’s completely inoffensive, but this is part of its allure. Its simplicity leaves room for you appreciate the vocal melody and rock elements done right, and just hang out with the Stones’ guitarist.