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Single Review: Katy Perry – ‘Bon Appetit’

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Photo: Rony Alwin/EMI Music Australia

Charging full steam ahead to the release of her 4th album, Katy Perry isn’t letting up. Latest track Bon Appetit sees her teaming up with Migos to offer listeners another slice of the Perry Pie.

Using food as a metaphor is no new thing in pop, but Katy Perry’s recipes seem to include a lot more sauce than we’re used to hearing on the airwaves. The result; is a little uncomfortable, hearing Perry beg guest Migos to spread her ‘like a buffet’. The imagery borders on graphic on more than one occasion.

Whilst the wording leaves very little to the imagination, the pulsating Caribbean fuelled melody is impossible to ignore. Perry will no doubt have her fans salivating and reaching for the repeat button. Perfectly timed for summer nights spent dancing all night, Bon Appetit is unlikely to be forgotten about anytime soon.

A guaranteed radio hit, Bon Appetit hits all of the right flavour notes, but behind the bright colours lies a dates message – women existing for the pleasure of men. NO THEY DO NOT! On the face of it, perhaps this is reading too much into a catchy tune, but for the ‘suddenly woke’ Katy Perry, the actual content behind the song reeks of contradiction. Something that continues to sit uncomfortably, the more times play is pressed.