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Single Review: Johnny Cash – ‘She Used To Love Me A Lot’

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Johnny Cash is and always will be an enigma. The renegade guitar man who made a career from cutting straight to people’s souls with his deep, dark voice and woeful lyrics. From the legendary At Folsom Prison album to universally admired Walk The Line, you’d be hard pressed to find people that haven’t become enarmoured by the Man In Black’s works.

Johnny Cash - She Used To Love Me A LotThe music world was devastated by and collectively mourned the loss of Cash in 2003. As a musician regarded as one of the most influential singer/songwriters of the 20th century, he left an indelible mark on music history and it can be seen through so many modern artist’s offerings now. Giving a voice to the rebellious at heart and coolly inciting a bad to the bone attitude in those who listened to him, many believed it to be end of a musical era, one that could never be duplicated.

In a gift from the music Gods we were granted two posthumous albums as part of the American recordings series and listeners rejoiced in the deviance and debauchery that is Johnny Cash. Now there is to be a third album released this year, Out Among The Stars coming from the lost 1980s sessions with famed producer Bill Sherrill. Originally shelved by his record company and discovered by his son in 2012, it’s been named one of the most anticipated releases of 2014.

Lead single She Used To Love Me A Lot is exactly what you’d expect from a Johnny Cash record; dripping with his deep baritone rumble, steady country rock beat and intricate lyrics. An ode to a lost love that is two parts haunting and one part decisively sad, it’s a marvelous first release for the forthcoming record, furthering Johnny Cash’s already stellar reputation in the music business, even if it is in fact beyond the grave.