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Single Review: Jessie J – ‘Burnin’ Up’ (Feat. 2 Chainz)

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UK native pop singer/songwriter Jessie J has been working relentlessly to churn out some new tunes to her adoring fans and the world at large, last week was the one year anniversary of her second studio album Alive’s release; she is giving us the special treatment having announced the release date of album number three, Sweet Talker, coming our way on October 13th. Jessie has been celebrating yet another chart topping hit with Bang Bang, collaborating with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj; Burnin’ Up is the next track lined up to get you pumped for the new album.

Jessie J Burnin UpSince we first listened to Jessie J we understood one hundred percent that she is in it for the mainstream pop, with each release her music has somehow managed to delve deeper into that world. Burnin’ Up begins with the inspirational and anthemic sounding pre chorus, the synths and the guitars set the mood; in walks Jessie’s voice, introducing the track her vocal tone is comparable to that of Queen B herself. It’s not long however before the song escalates, injected with its thick beat and J’s strong, edgy belts as the chorus takes the lead; the verses don’t lose that energy, which makes the song inextinguishable. 2 Chainz nails his delivery, his part could have been extended a tad, but he did add an element to that give the track a little more dynamic. The lyrics are generically pop with a repetitive chorus, but if you’re in it for a solid pop track, then maybe Burnin’ Up is what you’ll be holding up a torch for.

Jessie J barely fails to impress, it wasn’t long before she was considered one of the most valuable artists in the mainstream pop game. As far as content goes, you probably wouldn’t have been expecting any more or less from Burnin’ Up; it definitely is your boppy pop, but that’s what sells and it’s also what Jessie is known for. J’s voice is commendable and is definitely the track’s stand out quality, she has the voice of a superstar; after hearing the first two singles, the excitement for Sweet Talker sure is Burnin’ Up.