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Single Review: Jack White – ‘Lazaretto’

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With the success and critical acclaim that followed his first solo album Blunderbuss, Jack White is set to release his next LP in June; Lazaretto. White will also be releasing the title track as the first single, from Lazaretto we should be able to expect the classic blues/rock sound we have been graced with from the typical Jack White track, will it live up to the hype? Let’s have a look.

Jack White LazzaretoLazaretto opens with a head nodding riff, shortly followed by White’s renowned snappy vocals; the perfect combination to nail that rock/blues sound. The lyrics are strung up nice and tight to keep the song on its toes, maintaining the complexity and quality we are bound to experience whilst listening to Jack. Instrumentally the song is just as carefully and masterfully structured, the leading riff stays present in the verse and launches into this ear pleasing shred. The strings featured in the track also added to the solidity of the track, however the track did seem to slow down a tad early and we weren’t prepared for an ending just yet; which can also be seen as a good thing, you’re supposed to leave the listener yearning for more.

Lazaretto is definitely a Jack White highlight, the shared intensity and lightness of the track gives you that quality that makes you beckon for more from the guitar great. Each element of the track was there for a reason, White doesn’t do anything for the sake of it; we can trust that the rest of the album can be equally or more satisfying.