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Single Review: Hurts – ‘Beautiful Ones’

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Photo: Columbia Records UK

Hurts latest single Beautiful Ones, is a celebration of individuality that has all the potential to become a self-love classic. Complete with a video that challenges stereotypical gender expression, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson manage to eloquently vocalise the beauty in refusing to conform.

 With lines like “don’t be afraid, honey one day, this will fade”, Hurts give hope to younger generations that whilst their struggles remain valid, there is hope they will fade sooner rather than later. Beautiful Ones is unashamedly queer, spreading love and acceptance dressed in synths that are just as empowering as the message they back up.

Queer subject matter in pop culture still has a long way to go before we have full representation, but with artists like Hurts championing LGBT+ struggles and celebrations in their music; we are closer than ever before.