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Single Review: Hozier – ‘Better Love’

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With a profoundly impressive self-titled debut album under his belt and a link of highly acclaimed global single hits, Irish-born music maker Hozier returns in 2016 to the radiant form which suits him best. Trusted with an opportunity to creatively curate an original single for the upcoming motion picture, The Legend Of Tarzan, he expresses a sprawling range of feeling and emotion with his song Better Love.

hozier-better-loveThough it is only his first film music contribution, Andrew Hozier Burns proves his Hollywood worth by embracing an experienced musical presence that gives birth to a supreme result. Dazzling vocal control and dynamic range ooze from the song’s beginning as a vibrant and rattling chord progression lifts the song into an orchestral overdrive – revealing a platform to musically tell a story. Thoughtful and emotional lyrics pour through the instrumentally heavy body of the track, drawing on the age-old on-screen character affection. Historically, the love narrative between Tarzan and Jane extends well into classic cinematic origins – reflecting this is a seemingly simplistic, symbiotic emotion that Hozier manages to channel with a heartfelt approach toward the song’s deeply rooted message.

Most electrifying, however, is Hozier’s ability to intertwine his voice naturally with the larger than life orchestral component throughout the track. He does so with a confident and comfortable rhythmic groove – adding to the elating crescendo made possible by a sonically direct string section and an unforgettable percussive eruption. Skillfully embodying the brave spirit of love within the film, Hozier’s Better Love will undoubtedly strike a connection with many filmgoers, exploring a passion binding musical resonance to be felt in cinemas and jungles alike.