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Single Review: Gwen Stefani – ‘Make Me Like You’

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Even after completely scrapping an album and starting from scratch, Gwen Stefani’s future is looking bright. With the ridiculously endearing Used To Love You already released and a new album mere weeks away from its release, the decade long wait for another solo album is almost over. As the latest single from This Is What the Truth Feels Like, Make Me Like You shows that there’s also some happiness to be found on the album as well.

Gwen Stefani Make Me Like YouMake Me Like You is about as different to Used To Love You as you can get. It’s a bright, optimistic track with heavy disco influences at its core, full of funky basslines and different melodies filling its chaotic chorus but countering it with sparse verses that focus on Stefani instead. Almost as if responding to Used To Love You, the song recounts finding a new love after losing another, backing it up with light-hearted lines that portray her hesitancy at moving on, before adding its own sincere sentimentality as Stefani repeats herself over the bridge—Thank god that I found you—and closes the song with this same heartfelt line.

As a single for an impending break-up album, Make Me Like You is unbelievably refreshing. The positive, bright side of the break-up theme that the song covers contrasts against the first single perfectly, and helps sets the albums tone; rather than just covering the negative, the positive finds its place here as well. If you weren’t hyped for Gwen’s long-overdue return before now, Make Me Like You is sure to do the trick.