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Single Review: Guy Sebastian – ‘Come Home With Me’

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Guy Sebastian’s recent string of hits should ignite anticipation for the follow-up to 2012’s Armageddon and the upcoming Madness 2015 arena tour.

Guy Sebastian - Come Home With MeDespite a cheesy, annoying brass riff opening Come Home With Me, Sebastian sounds convincing in taking a folksy approach. The strumming acoustic guitars and subdued strings are a pleasant, fitting backing for his vocals, which are as pure, tender yet dynamic as ever. Sebastian’s infectious ecstasy makes the title sound more innocent than it should and hilariously mundane lines such as ‘throw your number in the trash’ sound like poetry. His falsetto-tinged inflections at the end of each line in the pre-chorus are bliss.

Sadly, this jubilance is trampled by the choruses’ manufactured, lifeless drum machine beat and a rudimentary ‘oh oh oh’ hook (backed by THAT brass riff) that even The Wanted would turn down. The bridge punches ‘let’s make this a night to remember’ repeatedly in an attempt to resuscitate the track. Only in the final chorus does Sebastian stop gulping ‘oh oh oh’ and return to those wondrous moments from the pre-chorus. The song is redeemed, but only just.

Come Home With Me is a decent mix of Sebastian’s influences that take his sound to new places. It would sound even better without that redundant drum machine and a mindless hook unbefitting of the artist who brought us Battle Scars and Get Along.