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Single Review: Guy Sebastian – ‘Black & Blue’

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Australian superstar Guy Sebastian is back with new music after wowing international audiences at the 60th annual Eurovision. The latest single, entitled Black & Blue sees the songster branch out musically. Instead of his usual soulful R&B he dips into a fresher sound, taking a strong pop melody and blending with a delicate dance groove.

Guy Sebastian Black and BlueLyrically it shows off Guy Sebastian’s fine song writing ability. Though it is a bit repetitive it’s very easy to get on board with. Telling a remorseful tale of a lost love, it opens strong with the line, “no one could hate me, more than I could hate myself”. Before moving onto heartfelt chorus, with smooth vocals exclaiming persistently, “somebody’s gonna love you, love you like I never could” / “My love was not enough, and it leaves me black & blue” before bursting into a pulsing dance jam. Incorporating subtle electronic backing behind the vocals into each of the verses with an almost tribal rhythm it builds into a track with plenty of musical depth.

Initially this track is nowhere near as strong as previous singles but its one that you’ll warm too and grow to love. The combination of the understated pulsation of rhythm with the sorrowful tale sung such burning passion draws you into Black & Blue more and more with each listen.