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Single Review: Gavin DeGraw – ‘Best I Ever Had’

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Gavin DeGraw is one of the most underrated musicians to date. He is well-known for his hit single, I Don’t Want To Be, which was used as the main theme song for the television series, One Tree Hill. With his latest single, Best I Ever Had, it was surprising at first to listen to a song that had the same feel as I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons but it was obvious Gavin was taking on a new direction with his music. A direction in which old fans would appreciate and something delightful new fans would happily take on board. The song itself is quite upbeat and joyous, the type of song that would make you wanna get off your seat and dance the night away!

GavinDeGrawBestIEverHadWith a quirky start, Best I Ever Had, simply had me in giggles when the bridge came on (‘You said “Take me home, I can’t stand this place / ‘Cause there’s too many hipsters and I just can’t relate”). It sure was a surprise to hear these type of lyrics by Gavin because being a fan of his music for quite sometime, I was always so used to his heartfelt and sincere songs. I must admit that it took me quite some time to get used to this single. It was all honesty hit or miss to begin with but the song does start to pick up after the second and third listen.

One thing I absolutely adore about Gavin DeGraw is the fact that he is able to hit high notes whenever he sings, so the chorus itself is perfection at its finest. When you hear him belt out the lyrics (‘You’re the best I ever had’), he actually means every word, with an intense, burning passion. The moment you hear that line, this is where it all starts. Where you actually begin to believe that he’s falling in love with you. He’s your one in a million and he’s singing every word and every note about you. It’s the best kind of feeling actually. To be able to hear someone validate their feelings for you in such a way that you actually think that they’re crazy.

Needless to say, Best I Ever Had, is the type of track that is an absolute mood changer with a catchy beat everyone is sure to love. The talented musician releases his fifth album, Make A Move, in mid-October. The good vibes of his new song shows that he’s not only a man that produces serious and heartfelt songs, but also someone with lots of charisma and a quirky sense of humour that isn’t afraid to try something new for a change.

2 thoughts on “Single Review: Gavin DeGraw – ‘Best I Ever Had’

  1. Your review is spot on! One of the best artists and voices out there today! And he’s even better live!

    1. Thanks for reading this! Means a lot and he really is one of the best artists to date. Have loved his music for quite sometime. He has such a unique and original voice. Love it!

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