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Single Review: G.R.L – ‘Ugly Heart’

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G.R.L are poised to become the next big girl group. The British-American-Canadian vocalists started out as in competition to find a new Pussycat Doll member, only to end up creating a whole new girl group instead. Consisting of a So You Think You Can Dance constestant and former cheerleaders, G.R.L is hoping to emulate the success of their predecessor The Pussycat Dolls.

G.R.L Ugly HeartUgly Heart starts off with a charming ukelele introduction before bursting into a more cliche tune. The verses are toned down, which is a breath of fresh air and while the melody is quite generic and the instrumentals drown out the groups clearly skilled vocals at times, it still retains its catchy appeal. The lyrics tell of a how the girl is over her ex-boyfriend who is pretty, but has an ugly heart.

Ugly Heart is a nice effort from G.R.L and it should do well as a follow up to the groups previous single and Pit Bull collaboration. It will be interesting to hear how the groups upcoming full-length release delivers.