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Single Review: Foxes – ‘Youth’

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Busy rehearsing for her upcoming UK tour, Foxes is an act you don’t want to miss out on. And after the millions of hits on her single Youth on Soundcloud there’s no reason to dismiss her. While there is currently a lot of young ladies stepping into the limelight, from  Lana Del Ray, Lorde and Birdy, Louisa Rose Allen deserves to have her fair share of success as well.

Foxes YouthLouisa started off with a bang by providing vocals for Zedd’s Clarity and has recently worked with Fall Out boy on their track Just One Yesterday from their first album after a five year hiatus, under the stage name Foxes. Establishing herself as a hardworking musician, she is now on our radar.

The appropriately named single acts like a modern version of  Youth Group’s Forever Young. A lot of acts try and create the perfect track that displays the early days of our lives, but no one does it like Foxes. Stripped to the bone with only some minor atmospheric synths, piano riffs and drum rolls, Youth puts all its heart and soul into youth itself.

Nostalgia is almost as overdone in songs as the theme of love, but the simplicity of this track forces you to go back to your photo albums and smile at all the stupid, fun things you did when you got to be careless and free. And coincidentally, as the word ‘free’ echoes in the background of the song and in the back of your mind, Youth becomes the ultimate modern youth anthem that will definitely urge you to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy every minute of it.