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Single Review: Fifth Harmony – ‘That’s My Girl’

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If there’s one thing that has defined the 7/27 era’s singles, it’s their variety. The mid-tempo electro-R&B of Work From Home and reggae vibe of All In My Head (Flex) were decidedly different from each other, despite a similar beat underneath them, and this doesn’t seem to be a trend that’s stopping with the latest election from the album, That’s My Girl.

Fifth Harmony That's My GirlThat’s My Girl starts in one way, with a thumping beat and an array of awkward horn samples before transitioning into electropop in both its chorus and the preceding build-up, before dipping back into the horn samples for the following verses. It’s a rigid cycle that it follows throughout the song, opting to bypass the third verse for another pre-chorus, and one that makes the song feel disjointed in a few ways. From the verses and their horn samples missing from the second half of the song to the verses and chorus barely matching together, it makes for an awkward production that also stands out as a confusing single choice.

That’s My Girl may have made some sense as an album intro track, but as a standalone single it doesn’t manage to shine in any major way. It’s an interesting yet confusing collection of styles that don’t mesh together and leave the song feeling disjointed and unfulfilling after listening to it. Of the singles released for 7/27, That’s My Girl is far from the best that Fifth Harmony have had to offer.