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Single Review: Fifth Harmony – ‘I’m In Love With A Monster’

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Fifth Harmony are rapidly shaping up to be one of contemporary pop’s most exciting acts. A genuine force to be reckoned with, their music is vibrant, beautiful and diverse. Indeed, their refusal to stick to a single genre is what makes them so particularly remarkable, and their new single I’m In Love With A Monster is full of all of the originality and creativity that their fans will expect.

Fifth Harmony - I'm In Love With A MonsterIt is testament to the five incredible artists’ myriad of skills that I’m In Love With A Monster, a single tied to the upcoming film Hotel Transylvania 2, never feels like a movie cash in. It is a catchy tune in its own right, full of funky beats, incredible vocal performances, and a striking sense of invention. Mixing up a variety of influences – including elements of R’n’B, soul, rock, hip hop and pop – the work is as rich and deep as anything the group have released.

Fifth Harmony are moving from strength to strength; with every single, their music grows increasingly powerful and distinct. Genuine trailblazers, they are way overdue to a massive and meteoric global takeover. To say that the world is the oyster is an understatement: indeed, it seems as though Fifth Harmony are gearing up to go into supernova.