Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

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Single Review: Example – ‘Whisky Story’

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British Singer/Rapper Example (Elliot Gleave) has returned after a brief musical hiatus with Whisky Story, a single from his forthcoming sixth album. Gleave is renowned for his catchy singles and this king of the club bangers has done it again with this release. Whisky Story is an incredibly catchy little number that’s sure to get stuck in your head; it’s definitely got potential to become one of the major hits for this summer.

Example - Whisky StoryLyrically it’s pretty much your typical EDM, club track, it’s got lyrics that are fairly repetitive telling you tales of a drunken night out on the party scene – so they’re easy enough to get on board with. The music starts you off with a snappy beat and a quirky, spoken, almost monotonous verse that’s becoming ever present in current tunes. These lyrics repeat throughout and become the signature lines of the track. Gleaves signature vocals in the rest of the verses do nothing but elevate this song, his almost rap inspired lines really draw you into it, it might be a revelry track but he’s still got some soul mixed in there. Drawing you into the chorus is a thumping bass line, and by the time the bass drops you’ll be hooked with this song.

There’s plenty of energy in this one, it’s a high tempo jam with an infectious rhythm. Whisky Story just makes you want to move and it’s sure to become another massive tune for Example.