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Single Review: Eminem – ‘Survival’

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Since his last release of Recovery, Eminem shows no mercy with his new single, Survival. It’s a track worth noting down because there’s so much going on in the song. With the intensity of Eminem’s emotions through his rapping and the hooks given by Liz Rodriguez of The New Royales, it’s safe to say that the Slim Shady is definitely back. Since Recovery, Eminem obviously knows that when it comes to hard work and success, he’s not afraid to give it his all and even if people doubt his work ethic, he’s bound to prove them wrong. He’s a simple yet complicated man and what makes his music stand out is that his songs explain bits and pieces of himself. Stories that he has kept bottled inside his head and his only outlet for this is through his music. Stepping back from his previous albums such as Curtain Call and Relapse he’s matured with his music, focusing on themes of perseverance, strength and recovery. People underestimate Eminem for what he truly is as an artist and it’s clear that Survival says so little but says so much about his driven desire to succeed and be one step ahead of his enemies.

Eminem SurvivalThe quality of the lyrics in Survival are superb. The intentions of the track pretty much focuses on being able to succeed when people doubt you in the first place. It not only explains Eminem’s struggle with having to deal with music critics and enemies he has made for himself, but he uses these people as motivators to do what he truly loves – rapping. He explains in the track that the importance of rapping was something that made him truly happy. He did not care about how much money he earned as long as he was able to write songs that meant something to him and that he was able to express this even to a small crowd of people. In the lyrics (‘But I want you to doubt me, I don’t want you to believe / Cause this is something I must use to succeed’) explains that this is his survival in the music industry. To be able to continue what he does best is to be able to rap and not give a damn on what people think of it as because it’s his music and he can do whatever he wants with it. It’s quite obvious that Eminem is independent, fearless and strong-headed. Survival shows that his success in the music industry was mainly driven by the hate of other people and to be able to do this is quite inspiring on his part.

Eminem releases his new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, next month. It’s a sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP and  it’s obvious that the rap legend has been quiet for 3 years because he’s been working incredibly hard on this album. The man takes his work ethic seriously and when it comes to rapping, he’ll take every chance he can get to be the successful rap artist he deserves to be. He should be commended for his efforts on making rap music that has made such an impact on people of today. The beauty of music is to truly be able to express what you really think and feel and when it comes to Eminem, he does this by tenfold.