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Single Review: Dizzee Rascal – ‘Pagans’

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One of London’s greatest emcee’s is back and this time its with a vengeance. That’s right the grime legend Dizzee Rascal has returned with his latest single Pagans, a hard hitting track that thankfully highlights Dizzee’s rapid lyricism (something that has been missing from MC over the last couple of years). Providing the throbbing beat for this one is UK grime master Footsie, the Newham Generals member also provides production for Dizzee’s other new single which is part of the Pagans EP titled Couple Of Stacks.

Pagans - Dizzie RascalDizzee has been rather quiet over the last year however; Pagans definitely makes up for the lost time. Reminiscent of his earlier work which I’m sure fans will be more than happy to hear Pagans takes us on a rapid ride through impeccable flows and deep basslines. Lyrically you would have to say Dizzee is back to his best, the London MC has copped a lot of slack from fans over the last few years claiming that he sold out and went mainstream however; after hearing the opening lines of this monstrous track I’m sure fans will have a change in mind ‘I don’t speak Queen’s English but I’m still distinguished/I don’t need no suit or tie to let you know I mean business/I know you’re into this/Even if you were deaf, blind and dumb and awkwardly rhythmless/I’m like syphilis ain’t no denying this’. 

Along with this killer track comes one of the best video clips of the year, directed by French prodigy Emile Sornin the video depicts Dizzee as a kung fu master on a revengeful mission creating a somewhat Wu-Tang atmosphere (I’m sure RZA would be proud). This is the type of Dizzee Rascal I like to see, I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table next year!